Quinceañeras: Group policies

Policy for Quinceañeras in Group

  • Quinceañera must be Confirmed or currently enrolled to in a Confirmation program and to receive the sacrament prior celebration.
  • Site may need to be changed between St. Michael and St. Vincent according to the needs of the parish.
  • Dates according to pre-selected schedule.
  • Maximum number of girls in each is 4.
  • Maximum number of Chambelanes per quinceañera is 7
  • Out of Parish requests will need a letter of Pastor where currently registered.


All music minister costs will be shared between quinceañeras participating. Use of Mariachis must be preapproved by the Pastor and these costs must also be shared among the group.

  • Selections will be dependent on Music Minister
  • Mariachis may play up to three songs (beginning, ending, offertory), but not the Acclamations.
  • A solo singer may participate with a song AFTER Communion such as the Ave Maria, and must coordinate with music minister.


Parish will provide a list of suggested readings.  Readings will be assigned by the staff to the quinceañeras for equal participation.