Homework Religious Ed K-6

Dear Parents:

Due to the situation the we are living and the fact that we are not having classes, or evaluations at this point, I am sending a questionnaire to help study and review the year material



  • What is grace? (answer page 2 purple book
  • What is temptation? (Page 2)
  • How did our first parents Adam and Eve felt after they ate the fruit offered by the serpent? (page 3)
  • Which was the Original sin? (Page 3 second line)
  • What did God promised to help us after Adam and Eve’s sin? (page 6)
  • Who is Jesus? (page 12)
  • How does original sin is taken away? (page 14)
  • What did Jesus gave us? (Answer page 13, last paragraph)
  • What has God given us to make decisions? (page 24 first paragraph)
  • What is it call when I have to choose between something that is right and something that is wrong? (page 24)
  • What should I do BEFORE I make a decision if I am not sure? (page 24)
  • What is mortal sin? Page 26)
  • What is venial sin (page 26)
  • Say the act of Contrition  (book or prayers sheet)
  • How do we make an examination of Conscience? (page 45)
  • How many commandments are there? Say them (prayer Sheet or book page 74)
  • What is penance? (page 46)
  • What is absolution? (page 47)


Please watch  the following video by clicking on the link “How do I go to Confession” by ODB Films.  Be prepared to answer questions from the video.



  • What sacrament we receive to begin in the Catholic Church? (page 4)
  • What do we receive in the sacrament of Confirmation? (page 6)
  • What did the Ark of the Covenant contained? (page 12)
  • What did people do when the Ark arrived into their city? (page 13)
  • Who is present in the Eucharist (page 14)
  • How do we celebrate NOW the presence of God? (page 14)
  • The priest or Deacon leads us in a prayer of sorrow at the beginning of Mass what do we say? (page 25)
  • Why do we stand up for the Gospel? (page 35)
  • What do we proclaim in the Creed? (page 35)
  • What food did Jesus gave us in the Last Supper? (page 52)
  • What is Consecration?
  • What do you say to the Priest or minister before receiving communion? (page 56)
  • What do we do after receiving Communion? (page 67
  • Say the Creed (prayer sheet or in a missal)
  • How do we glorify God? (page 76)


Students must watch this video called the “Holy Eucharist” (click on link) by EWTN and be prepared to answer questions from the video.