COVID 19 Resources


Spiritual Resources/Recursos Espirituales

During these times in which we cannot physically attend mass, or pray with others, there are numerous resources available to help us with our spiritual life and material needs.

  1. AOD list of live stream masses
  2. Magnificat online
  3. Keeping Sunday holy
  4. AOD resources
  5. Calming the Storm - prayer, food & housing assistance, mental health, pregnancy, domestic violence and marriage counseling.
  6. Sunday homily from our priests

Durante estos tiempos en que no podemos asistir a misa físicamente, o rezar con otros, hay varios recursos disponibles para ayudarnos en nuestra vida espiritual y asistencia para recursos materiales.

  1. Lista de misas en español provista por la Arquidiócesis de Detroit
  2. Misa en español
  3. Magnificat en español gratis durante la crisis.
  4. Actividades durante cuarentena
  5. Homilia del domingo

Material Resources/Recursos Materiales

  1. Oakland County Resources
  2. Forgotten Harvest
  3. Restaurant Employee Relief Fund
  4. List of National Assistance for Restaurant Workers
  5. Michigan Hospitality Industry Relief Fund
  6. Michigan Helping Hand
  7. La Casa Amiga