Retreat Information


                   RETREAT PHILOSOPHY

The Retreat is probably the most exciting and popular activity of our Confirmation Program.  It is something every teen seems to remember for years to come. It is not a time to party, stay up all night, or to concentrate on schoolwork.  It is a block of time in which one steps out of their everyday routine, in order to take a serious look at themselves and their relationship with the Lord.  Ideally, what happens as a result of a retreat will affect how one lives the rest of their life.



We will meet at the St. Michael’s parking lot on Friday at 5:45 and will return Sunday at 10:45 am to attend  retreat closing mass at the Parish. Site of mass will be shared at a later date


Do not bring alcoholic beverages or drugs (parents will be called to pick up any teen who is caught with either in their possessions), radios, cd or mp3 players, homework, cell phones. You may bring guitars or any portable music instrument.


In keeping with the idea of community, teens are encouraged to bring snacks and large bottles of pop to share.  No food is allowed in the rooms, so please do not pack individual treats.


Parents must bring a sealed letter to the child on the day of the retreat and hand it to a teacher.

Los padres deben traer una carta sellada el día del retiro y dársela a un maestro.


Packing List for Retreat

  1. sheets/pillow cases or sleeping bag
  2. towels
  3. toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap
  4. pajamas or sweats
  5. snack to share or bottle of pop to share
  6. clothing (socks, comfortable clothing for 2 nights)
  7. All medications must be turned in and accompanied with a letter explaining dosage.


Lista de empacar para el retiro

  1. sabanas o bolsa de dormir
  2. cepillo dental, pasta dental, jabón, shampoo
  3. pijamas o sudaderas para dormir
  4. toallas
  5. ropa  (medias, ropa cómoda para dos noches)
  6. snacks para compartir o botella de soda para compartir
  7. Si toma medicamento recetado tiene que ser entregado y acompañado de carta explicando dosis.

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