Confirmation Students

In this page you will find resources you will need:

  1. Prayers in Spanish handout
  2. Prayers in English handout
  3. Community Service Form
  4. Monthly Newsletter
  5. Devociones falsas
  6. Biggest and Best List of Confirmation Saints
  7. Three misconceptions about Confirmation
  8. Sign of the Cross
  9. What is Confession?

Confirmation Mass Mob 2018-19

We know all Confirmation students attend mass regularly with your families. We want to get to know each other better and want to visit different masses in our parish to further develop a sense of community. As a Confirmation student you are required to attend mass on the dates listed below with your class and teacher.

The following are the dates/location and times for the 2018-19 School year:

  • October 27-  St Vincent  4:30 Mass

  • December 2nd – St. Michael 9 am Mass

  • January 13th – St Vincent 11 am Mass

  • March 30th – St. Vincent 4:30 Mass