Quinceañeras Celebrations



The celebration of the Quinceañera is a custom of the Hispanic culture that is often celebrated among families who celebrate their faith in St. Damien of Molokai Parish. Like many celebrations live out their faith, and important times in the lives of the faithful, this is an opportunity for evangelization of our young women, and for their family and friends.  Our parish does not celebrate exclusive Quinceañeras. We have designated dates for English or Spanish Quinceañeras. You may read the policies on celebrations in the document Quinceañera Policies. Español

The Quinceañera program falls under the auspice of the Religious Education Program.  The Quinceañera program will include classes at designated times, community service, and active participation in parish life which includes youth ministry. Class dates, and Quinceañera dates will be published in the parish bulletin and online Parish Calendar.  

 The following are the only approved quinceañera dates for 2019. Please contact the office at (248)332-0283 before booking your hall fApril 27th    – Spanish

Quinceañera classes for 2019 will start January 25th through March 7th, 2020. Classes primarily will be in Spanish, and will offer English if the demand dictates it.

 Dates for 2020 celebrations can be found here.